Our own Jean Alan is featured in the new book A Home of Her Own, by Nancy R. Hiller. A Home of Her Own is a collection of stories of women and their homes, the connections and relationships they have with their spaces and the work they put in to making it happen. The stories of these remarkable women are chronicled not only though their words but also the beautiful photographs of Kendall Reeves. Jean’s own story is highlighted as well as her work with a client and the home created for her.

A Home of Her Own Book Cover

Jean Alan Residence Entryway

When your space doesn’t reflect who you are what do you do? You change it. Recent reevaluation of many aspects of our business caused us to make some very important changes including a beautiful new logo and website. Since putting our space together in 1999 we realized that we simply did not get it right. In addition, the book signing for A Home of Her Own was providing us a grand reason to make significant changes to our space.
All along we struggled with the complicated issues of our main entry and the awkward transition into our space. With numerous aspects of our business changing we realized we had the opportunity to really address our entrance as part of the overall change of our studio space. We spent the better part of a month tossing ideas around, none of which stuck for various reasons and it was when Jean saw that very graphic floor at the Spring 2012 Balenciaga runway show she knew she had finally found her inspiration and answer. Using a material known as Stone Wood from our friend Robert Briggs at Marble and Granite Resources, Inc. Jean was able to design a bold graphic pattern and at the same time raise the level of our floor solving the awkwardness of our entry. This is what we do as decorators, we take very real and practical needs and create solutions that are artful and reflective of whom our clients are in addition to addressing their needs. In this case, our new stone floor is a very real example of that truth.

Alan Design Studio Section of Stone Wood Floor

In addition to the floor we have made other changes to our space to impart a gallery feel in the space. Our window space is being redesigned to allow us to better showcase our one of a kind pieces and allow for seasonal changes. We look forward to sharing our ‘new’ space on November 18th with everyone!

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