In a prior blog post we asked the question ‘when your space doesn’t reflect who you are, what do you do?’  Our answer was simply ‘you change it’. And change it we did! We mentioned a few of our changes including our awkward main entry and solution with the new floor. We also talked about other changes to impart more of a gallery feel to our space and we are now ready to reveal the amazing results.

Looking in from the outside.

An overview of our new look from the front entrance.
Our new screen designed by Ruthie and Jean. The screen was made with slab glass that Jean had purchased years ago at a flea market. Slab glass is typically set in concrete, but here we set in metal to create a screen to really set the front window apart from the rest of the studio and create a true window display area. It takes up just enough space visually to define the areas of the studio yet also allow the space to still flow and feel open. The floor has also been raised a few inches. Remember how we spoke of the awkward front entry to the studio? It wasn’t only awkward to enter, but when you passed by from the street it never looked right. By raising the floor and addressing the entry we also addressed the store front issue and now have a real window display area.

More of the screen and a wonderful blue vase.

We have borrowed art from Century Guild ( We love what they do and the bold pieces they have. We get them and they get us!

Our new chandelier floating in the sky. Another piece Jean has had in her inventory for years. You never know what amazing things she will come up with or the fascinating stories behind them. This was acquired decades ago when purchasing antiques was as much about the relationships between sellers and buyers as it was about the actual pieces. This is was found in a old warehouse of antiques owned by a unique Chicago family. Jean would ‘shop’ there regularly with her children’s help.

Our beautiful stone wood floor. We think it highlights our pieces wonderfully as well as the old architectural elements of our building. 

Chair with contrasting top stitching.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing our new space. Please stop by some time and take a closer look!

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