This Chicago Bears themed bedroom was designed for the 8 year-old son of a family living on the Northside of Chicago.  Ruthie designed the family’s New York, Classic 7, Upper Westside, Manhattan Co-Op, so when the family decided to move back to Chicago, they called on Ruthie again to create a space as comfortable and homey as their New York apartment for their Wrigleyville residence.  When it came time to design their son’s bedroom, Ruthie faced the challenge of balancing a boy’s passion for the Chicago Bears, with his mom’s desire to avoid having his room look like a cluttered NFL team store. 


    Once the decision to create a Bears themed room was made, the next step was to find elements that matched the official Bears orange and blue.  Ruthie searched through paint company after paint company to find the exact colors.  After finding the right paint colors, pulling the rest of the design together was relatively simple.  Ruthie said that she started by putting orange elements on the blue wall, and blue elements on the orange wall – and everything else just fell into place.  To avoid having the room look too cluttered, Ruthie made the choice only include certain pieces of memorabilia.  She suggests that “rather than displaying all your game-day memorabilia, choose a few favorite pieces and focus on displaying them sparingly, but artfully”. 


    This room is without a doubt a Bears fan’s paradise.  Coordinating accent pieces, bed linens and rugs pulled the design together and carried the theme throughout the room.  Beyond Ruthie’s selective display of memorabilia, she also allowed for other aspects of her client’s son’s personality shine through – like his drum set and guitar.   By doing so, Ruthie created a space that showcased the boy’s passion for the Chicago Bears in a tasteful manner, without overshadowing his other interests.  
    Ruthie’s work to create a balanced sports themed room has not gone unacknowledged.  She was asked to share her tips on decorating a sports themed room in an article last spring (, and was quoted on the subject in a yahoo news article as well.  After looking at the finished product, it comes as no surprise that she received such praise for her design. 

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