Jody Trombley
Bathroom After Renovation

Meet Jody!
She designed this gorgeous bathroom.

Last year, a client walked into the shop looking for some guidance for breathing new life into her recently purchased Old Town condo. She decided that she wanted to focus on renovating her bathroom – and Alan Design Studio’s Jody Trombley was just the person for the job!

We are proud to say that Alan Design Studio can deliver a design that achieves a desired look and feel of a space, on a budget.  Our client gained inspiration for her bathroom remodel from both shopping trips with Jean and Jody and reviewing tear sheets. The client fell in love with some expensive finishes, and Jean and Jody were able to draw inspiration from these more expensive items, and scale them down to a practical design without sacrificing the client’s vision.

The most important goal of the redesign was to improve the room’s functionality.  Jody needed to add a shower and additional storage, as well as update the bathroom’s overall aesthetic.  Given the size of the room, Jody needed to design a shower that would make the most of the small space.  “The shower door took some thought and work with the vendor” Jody explains “I wanted the glass to sit on the outside edge of the shower curb and bench, which allowed for the maximum interior shower width”.  
“This was a bathroom of fighting for inches and taking advantage of every one”.  To address the storage issue, Jody decided to take advantage of unused space below  the shower bench as a storage cubby.  For maximum mirror width, the sconces were mounted directly onto the mirror.   The lighting also needed to be addressed to flow with the bathroom’s updated design.  The unique “star” pendant fixture is a great feature item.

The color palette for the room was determined after choosing the stone for the shower and vanity counter top.  The stone selected for the bathroom is a gorgeous green granite with unique variations in coloring.  Jody selected tiles and paint for the bathroom in neutral colors that would compliment the stone, and showcase it’s beauty.  They chose a classic hex tile for the floor to pay homage to the design of the historical buildings in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood. 

What a transformation! Jody not only achieved the goal of improving the room’s functionality, she also made the space feel larger by updating to a calm, neutral color palette, and designing a shower enclosure that feels open and visually balanced with the rest of the room.  But don’t take our word for it, these before and after photos speak for themselves:

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